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Pediatric Eye Exams Lake Worth: Does Your Child Need One?

Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams Lake Worth: Does Your Child Need One?

Pediatric eye exams are important, but when does your child need an exam? Babies and young children cannot read an eye chart. Sooner is better than later. A child’s first eye exam can never be too early because early detection of a problem can prevent a minor issue from becoming bigger.

Dr. Baker at Brightside Eye Care stresses that eye exams are more than just a way to determine whether your child needs glasses. Similar to routine pediatrician visits, eye exams focus on preventive care and ultimately can affect the child’s whole health.

When Does Your Child Need an Eye Exam?

Your Lake Worth Optometrist at Brightside Eye Care advises that children without any noticeable visual abnormalities have a thorough eye exam by an eye care specialist before age one and repeated before entering school. This early preventative measure can identify a wide range of abnormalities in the pupil’s light reflex, the outward features of the eye, and the ocular alignment.

When Early Pediatric Eye Exams are Especially Important:

  • A parent or sibling has a severe eye condition.
  • An unidentified ailment or abnormality forms in or around the eye 
  • One eye appears weaker than the other -referred to as Lazy Eye.
  • An inward-turning or outward-turning of one or both of the eyes-referred to as crossed eyes

Dr. Baker wants parents to rest assured that, in most cases, an experienced pediatric optometrist can successfully remedy with an eye medication, eye patch, or eyewear made just for your child’s needs. 

Brightside Eye Care has an excellent reputation for Pediatric Eye Exams in Lake Worth. Kids love Dr. Baker, and the whole staff loves kids, so we are pretty sure that is why kids are so comfortable going to Brightside. 

If you have not scheduled a Pediatric Eye Exam yet:

1. Don’t Wait Until School Starts

Brightside Eye Care advises checking your child’s eyes before entering preschool or kindergarten. Not only will you avoid a busy time for appointments but you could circumvent your child showing delays in learning.

2. Consider Your Family Tree.

While it’s great for all children to undergo eye exams, it’s even more crucial if a child has visually impaired siblings. If vision issues run in your family, your child is more likely to have them than they are to have many other health issues. So it’s best to start keeping an eye on it right away.

3. Consult an eye doctor

Something appears different about your child’s eye. Don’t Google it! Just consult your Lake Worth Pediatric eye doctor. Dr. Baker has specia-lized training in diagnosing and managing eye issues in kids.

4. Listen to your gut.

Parents must trust their gut feelings. You are the expert on your child, after all.

Don’t Worry! Brightside Eye Care takes pride in creating a friendly, joyful atmosphere for your child’s Pediatric Eye Exam. Call us to set up your child’s first eye appointment today!

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