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Comprehensive Eye Exam Lake Worth Florida

Comprehensive Eye Exam in Lake Worth

Comprehensive Eye Exam in Lake Worth

At Bright Side Eyecare we provide patients with a thorough, comprehensive eye examination for any age. During the exam, each eye is studied for signs of serious eye issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and detached retinas, among other conditions. Many eye and vision problems have no signs or symptoms, which means you may not realize there’s a problem until it’s too late.

What Is An Eye Exam?

During your eye exam, Dr. Baker will do much more than determine your eye glasses or contact lens prescription. Some tests you’ll experience during your eye exams include:

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity measurements evaluate how clearly each eye is seeing. Reading charts are frequently used during this test.

Preliminary Tests

Preliminary tests may include evaluations of depth perception, peripheral or side vision (visual field), eye muscle movements, color vision, and how your pupils react to light. This is usually done by our technician.


Your eye doctor will focus a circle of light on your cornea to measure its reflection. This test tells your optometrist the curvature of the cornea. This is commonly performed for accurate contact lens fitting.


A refraction test determines the lens power you need to compensate for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Your eye doctor may use eye drops during this test to keep your eyes from changing focus.

Eye Focusing

An eye focusing test determines how well your eyes focus, move and work together. This test helps your doctor see problems that prevent your eyes from focusing effectively or keeps them from working well together.

Eye Health Examination

Dr. Baker and her team will either perform a dilated exam with or without use of our retinal photography machine. Images captured by the camera serve as screenings for cardiovascular, intracranial, autoimmune and infectious diseases that may affect the rest of the body.
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