Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Contact Lens Evaluation in lake worth

We offer several types of contact lens fits. At Bright Side Eyecare you are guaranteed to be fit with the most current contact lens technology. We offer spherical, astigmatism, multi focal contact lens fittings, and specialty fits for those who have been told they can not wear contacts. A contact lens is a medical device that is in direct contact with the tissue of your eye; therefore, it must fit appropriately to maintain the health of your eyes. Before a patient can be fit with contact lenses, a complete medical and refractive eye examination is necessary. This exam is critical to assure the good health of your eyes and rule out the possibility of any underlying condition that may prevent contact lens use. Children are also contact lens candidates, only limited by willingness to participate and responsibility to care for the lenses properly.
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